A better night’s sleep is just around the corner.
  • Sleep well with Cerêve (teddy bear optional)
  • Then bring on the day!
  • Be your best the whole day, every day
  • Sleep well with Cerêve (teddy bear optional)


Our novel technology is designed to work differently than other products and pills, by addressing the source of the problem – calming the overactive mind that is thought to be responsible for preventing us from falling asleep at night. By calming this mental “hyperarousal”, we can turn off our minds and get to sleep faster.

We can’t tell you a lot more at this point (as they say, “loose lips sink ships”), but we’re happy to let you be among the first to know the details when available.  If you’re interested please provide your e-mail (at the right).



This is not another sleeping pill.  We’re all aware of the side effects associated with sleeping pills, from “morning hangover” to shallow sleep to creating dependency. 

Rather, we will help you get to sleep fast but without the side effects.


We want to get this product on the market as soon as possible.  That said, we are committed to doing it right with scientifically-sound clinical data demonstrating efficacy and safety. 

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